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His Fairies

Book 3 in the Fairy Realm Series: One grumpy millionaire. Two lost fairies. Three souls linked forever.

Ashton is a selfish man. A powerful man. A man who has no time to take care of anyone, especially not two vulnerable fairies.

But when the two women appear at his latest job site, what else is he supposed to do? They have no money, no IDs, and no phones. All they have is a crazy story about a fairy realm and enough sex appeal to drive him out of his mind. He never expected things to escalate so quickly or for their presence to dig up so many of his long-buried memories. The sooner he can get these fairies back home the better—though each passing day makes it harder for him to let them go.

Cora and Lulu never intended on getting trapped in the Human Realm, but now that they’re here Lulu wants to make the most of their adventure. And Cora just wants to make Lulu happy. It’s what she always wants. So when Lulu decides she wants Ashton, Cora finds it’s no hardship at all to bring him into their bed. Who cares that he’s human? So what if it’s forbidden? Never mind that being in the Human Realm is weakening Lulu’s magic and endangering her health. Lulu is never wrong about people, and she’s determined to convince Ashton and Cora that their love is worth fighting for.

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