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Secret Family Recipes for Love and Butter Cookies

Find the recipe. Make the cookies. Get the guy. If only falling in love was that simple.

Aiden McLean has spent the last ten Christmases with his best friend's family at their cabin in New Hampshire. Surrounded by twinkly lights and people who actually care about him, he loves this time of the year. The Miller's are his chosen family and he wouldn't change that for the world. There's just one small problem; he's crazy in love with his best friend's sister.

Bea Miller is certain Aiden will fall in love with her this Christmas. And once she finds the recipe for the magic Christmas love cookie—the one that has made her family members fall in love for generations—it will be a sure thing. This is the year Bea tells Aiden the truth and gets what she really wants for Christmas. Now if only she could find that recipe…

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