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Bewitched by my Best Friend

Sparks fly every time they kiss. And that’s the problem.

Callie has always managed to keep her strange powers under control. Until her best friend kissed her, that is. After the literal lightning storm that moment ignited, Callie made a run for it. But now Sawyer has tracked her down, and he wants answers.

Sawyer did not expect to find his former best friend and girl of his dreams hiding away in a cabin in the woods. He expected the dragon hanging out in the garden even less. The more he learns about Callie, the more he realizes she really is magic.

But every time they touch, Callie’s emotions send her powers into chaos. Between the earthquake, the snowstorm, and the dragon sulking outside her window, how will Sawyer ever convince her their love isn’t dangerous?

When a neighbor goes missing, all eyes are on Callie. If she doesn’t find a way to control her emotions and her powers, electric kisses will be the least of her problems.

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